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Dental & Medical Cone Beam CT

QR s.r.l. is the name that stands behind NewTom Cone Beam 3D imaging units and the first manufacturer of Cone Beam CT. The NewTom 9000 (also known as Maxiscan) was the first Cone Beam system in the world and was originally installed in 1996. This unit was the forefather of the NewTom product line and of all X-Ray units based on Cone Beam technology.
QR's 20 plus years of experience and success in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of NewTom products affirm our commitment to excellence and quality. NewTom's team-oriented staff are committed to provide not only the best product available on the market, but also excellent before and after-sales support, as a happy customer is the best advertisement.


NewTom GO (Dental Panoramic)

NewTom GO is a new-concept technological device designed for dental practices that require an easy-to-use, innovative, reliable product that guarantees only the very best diagnostic results.


NewTom GO 2D/3D (Dental Panoramic and Cone Beam CT)

NewTom GO is an affordable, versatile 2D/3D unit, designed by NewTom to extend the diagnostic capabilities of all dental practices by combining the best 2D performance with the most innovative 3D technology.


Giano – (Dental Panoramic, Cephalometric and Cone Beam CT)

NewTom GiANO represents the perfect solution for dental specialists who want to increase the value of their practice.
Thanks to NewTom high technology and a competitive price, GiANO can be considered the most competitive hybrid available today.
The specialist has at his disposal a device which can perform a wide range of exams depending on his requirements: 2D, 3D, Ceph and carpal exams.
NewTom GiANO with a 2D configuration can be enhanced to 3D or Ceph at any time.


VGi EVO – (Dental, maxillofacial and ENT Cone Beam CT)

The ultimate CBCT imaging system for maxillofacial and ENT applications.
An ultra-modern, ultra-technological, ultra-competitive device has been developed from the engineering evolution of the NewTom range. The most complete CBCT.
Accurate display of details, superior scan technology. Multiple FOV up to 24x19 cm for complete 3D Head & Neck diagnostics, multiple 2D examinations with just one scan.
The function CineX provides a dynamic view of moving structures while EcoScan mode considerably reduces X-ray exposure.


5G XL – (Dental, maxillofacial, ENT and Orthopaedic Cone Beam CT)

High technology which rewrites the rules of radiology.
NewTom 5G XL is the results of numerous years of research and development in the field of CBCT technology, and can be used in various fields of application.
With its modern design, spacious gantry and motorized bed, this unit is capable of scanning various anatomical areas, including the dental structures, small joints and the maxillofacial and cervical regions.


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