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Bracco S.p.A., the holding company of Bracco Imaging S.p.A. was founded by the Bracco family in 1927. Bracco products are marketed in more than 90 countries around the world. The group employs around 2700 employees directly and has annual revenues in excess of 1,000 million €.

Bracco Imaging is dedicated to providing customers with Imaging Solutions (imaging agents, procedures and devices) that meet emerging medical challenges and facilitate clinical success.

Bracco established its presence on the world market, thanks to the introduction of Jopamiron® (Iopamidol) in 1980. Some years later Bracco Imaging consolidated its leadership in the X-Ray/CT market, with the introduction of Iomeron® (Iomeprol). ProHance (not available in SA) and MultiHance are widely used MRI contrast media and significant players in the market.

is the Gold Standard of
Non-ionic Iodinated Contrast Media.

It was the first ready-to-use low-osmolar iodinated contrast medium in the world. It has been used in many hundreds of millions of diagnostic procedures worldwide. It is still widely used daily, around the world.

"the Multi-Factorial Solution" is a new generation low-osmolar non-ionic iodinated contrast medium. Imeron offers several unique benefits to diagnostic professionals and patients alike. Most notably, Imeron is the only iodinated contrast medium available in an Iodine concentration of 400mg Iodine/ml.

Imeron 400 is of particular diagnostic value, especially in the area of Multi-Detector Computerised Tomography. It offers a uniquely high Iodine concentration without the compromise of high-osmolality.

is a second generation MRI contrast medium. MultiHance is both an extracellular and liver-specific MRI contrast medium, which provides virtually double the T₁- relaxivity, compared to other MRI contrast media at equal concentration and dosage.

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ACIST® ACIST® is a pioneering interventional and diagnostic technology company with a portfolio of advanced products, including the world’s first Rapid Exchange FFR and High Definition IVUS systems. We are also a global market leader in advance contrast imaging systems for cardiovascular angiography.

The ACIST RXi® system combines accurate and reliable Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)
measurements with the advantages of Rapid Exchange technology.

The ACIST HDi® HD IVUS system reinvents IVUS in HD, with high-definition 60 MHz IVUS imaging, touch panel interface, superfast pullback, and the high deliverable ACIST Kodama® HD IVUS catheter.

ACIST CVi® simplifies contrast injection for all procedures – from small injections in the coronary arteries to large volume injections in the ventricles, aorta and peripheral vasculature – while enhancing efficiency, control and image quality
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Power injectors that empower you to run your MR and CT suites with maximum efficiency.
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A power injector system with multiple enhancements for maximum benefit: the EmpowerCTA® Contrast Injection System.
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EmpowerMR® Contrast Injection System. World's first hydraulic-powered MR injector eliminates batteries and associated issues.