Axim (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of Picture Archive Communication Systems covering all institute sizes. Our cutting edge best in Klas software allows for a greater user experience this includes latest workflow technologies, all-in-one diagnosis workstations to Zero footprint HTML-5 enterprise viewers & patient portals matched with rich multimedia reports.

AGFA Healthcare Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

AGFA HealthCare offers “imaging without barriers” – supporting leading healthcare providers with effective, secure and sustainable imaging data management. For healthcare providers utilizing imaging as a part of the complex, every-evolving care continuum, AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging Platform empowers radiologists to take a patient-first approach. From seamless integration and customizable workflows, to cross-team collaboration and AI-powered automation, you can deliver on business objectives and achieve organizational goals — all while enhancing productivity and keeping clinicians focused on what matters most: the patient. We call that “life in flow”.

Image Information Systems

IQ system PACS

We provide a scalable, modular architecture that integrates with existing systems to deliver data and tools across the enterprise – from radiology data reporting to enterprise-wide ingestion and archiving, to full patient and clinical data management. The platform allows enterprise-wide reading, distribution and archiving – with no need to switch between multiple workstations. It consolidates multiple specialty workstations into a single, multifunctional workspace that allows radiologists to enhance the quality of.

Information Technology


Clarity, Reliability, and Endless Possibilities

Since our beginnings as an OEM manufacturer of black and white televisions in 1968, EIZO has been researching and developing visual display products. In 1981, we released our first CRT monitor for personal computers. And in 1985, we launched products for the European and American markets under the universal brand name “EIZO”. Today, EIZO monitors are highly regarded in various fields throughout the world because of their accurate and stable image display and innovative features.

Monitors have grayscale tone characteristics which may vary even between the same models. When displaying medical images, it is important that you select monitors offering refined rendering of subtle shadings and unified display between multiple monitors. The grayscale tones for each RadiForce diagnostic monitors are adjusted at the factory to be compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard.

With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data.

As a result, it is increasingly common for medical facilities to use a mix of different monitors to interpret images. The multi-modality approach allows a variety of images to be displayed on a single screen — an essential step forward for medicine.