Radiation Oncology

AXIM’S Radiation Oncology division specializes in unique, innovative products that are of the highest quality.

From patient positioning solutions to surface guided radiation therapy and quality assurance tools, AXIM Nuclear and Oncology cover all components and offer complete solutions within the radiotherapy department.

These unique products streamline processes by increasing accuracy with advanced treatment techniques whilst maintaining patient comfort and the highest standard of care. Promoting radiation oncology consumables, equipment hardware, service, installation and design support, Axim Nuclear and Oncology are your partners for both new and existing departments.


Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy®

The versatile Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® utilizes breakthrough electronic brachytherapy technology to provide expanded treatment options for a range of cancers. With the Xoft System, highly focused therapeutic radiation of the disease target is possible in a minimally shielded setting, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Miniaturized x-ray source

Our proprietary, miniaturized x-ray source is isotope-free and operates at 50 kV to deliver high dose rate, low energy radiation. The source is placed inside the applicator and energized to deliver a precise, prescribed dose of radiation. With the Xoft System, highly focused therapeutic radiation of the disease target is possible in a minimally shielded setting, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.



Hyperthermia means a targeted overheating like an artificially generated fever. As a further valuable pillar in cancer therapy, it has been proven to enhance the effect of radiation and chemotherapy. Evolution has always developed temperature increases as a strategy to support the immune system. Local warmth can be a purposeful supporting – and at the same time relatively gentle – measure to combat cancer.


Macromedics ®

Radiotherapy Positioning Products:
At Macromedics, innovation is one of the core values. Based on feedback from radiotherapy professionals, new products are regularly introduced, with a strong focus on patient comfort, reproducibility and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Positioning Solutions Available include:

  • Head & Neck Region
  • Breast & Thorax
  • Pelvic
  • Extremities
  • All Regions of Interest (AIO Solutions)
  • SBRT & SRS
  • Couchtops
  • Miscellaneous
  • MR Safe & MR conditional
  • Thermoplastic Masks

Orfit ®

Orfit Industries has been providing immobilization systems for radiation oncology for more than 30 years. Bringing innovation into this highly specialized market like no other company does, with a clear understanding of the needs of RT specialists and their teams, the patient’s comfort and the requirements of the authorities. Our thermoplastic masks immobilize a patient effectively to a point where movement is limited to less than 1.5 millimetre. Combining Orfit thermoplastic masks with our hardware systems will result in optimal precision, comfort and reproducibility when immobilizing and positioning patients.

Positioning Solutions Available include:
• Thermoplastic Masks (adult & paediatric)
• Head Support
• Base Plates
• Blocks and Wedges
• Prone Breast Immobilization: Sagittilt
• The All-In-One Solution (AIO)
• The Extremities Solution
• Breast Positioning: MammoRx
• High Precision Lung Board
• SBRT solutions





 SUN NUCLEAR MICRO+ lasers offer fixed patient alignment for radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.

Accuracy at the Patient
With laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors, and industry-leading lengths of ≥4 meters at 3 meters, MICRO+ offers precision and flexibility for your workflow.

Remote Controlled, Workflow Optimized
Easy adjustments via an included remote control which easily synchronizes and controls multiple lasers with Bluetooth technology (no line of sight needed). A locator feature and backlight helps in case of misplacement.

SUN NUCLEAR CT SIM+ moveable laser system for radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.

Accuracy at the Patient
CT SIM+ offers accuracy at the patient of +/- 0.5 mm. Laser line widths of ≤0.5 mm for all colors, and industry-leading lengths of ≥4 meters at 3 meters.

Automation & Workflow Optimization
Included RapidSIM™ Software allows seamless laser connectivity to the CT simulation package or TPS and is compatible with all major third-party systems. RapidSIM reads coordinates and directs lasers for accurate identification of the patient marking and treatment location.

Meet TG-66 Requirements
CT SIM+ supports testing as required by AAPM Task Group 66.

Quality Assurance

Independent, integrated solutions for quality management throughout the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Sun Nuclear Corporation

Sun Nuclear is the source for independent, integrated solutions for Quality Management throughout the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


  • Patient Setup: 3 Products
  • Treatment Planning: 3 Products
  • Pre-treatment Delivery: 11 Products
  • During Treatment: 2 Products


  • Commissioning and Acceptance: 11 Products
  • Daily QA: 5 Products
  • Monthly QA: 8 Products
  • Annual QA: 14 Products
  • Dosimetry: 7 Products
  • End-to-end QA: 7 Products


  • CT QA: 8 Products
  • Mammography QA: 9 Products
  • Ultrasound QA: 10 Products
  • DR, CR, Fluroscopy: 6 Products

Surface Guided Radiation Therapy

VisionRT is the inventor of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), contact-free technology that uses 3D cameras and computer vision to help ensure radiation therapy is delivered safely to cancer patients.  

AlignRT Advance

The SGRT system used for tracking a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy. AlignRT Advance makes treatment safer by using a contact-free technique to track a patient’s skin surface in real-time with sub-millimetric accuracy and ensures radiation is only delivered when the patient is correctly positioned. If a patient moves, AlignRT Advance can automatically signal the treatment delivery system to pause radiation.

AlignRT InBore

AlignRT InBore is an SGRT solution for use with Halcyon and Ethos linear accelerators, enabling 6DoF intrafraction patient monitoring for enhanced treatment accuracy, safety, and workflow.

Treatment Planning

MIM Maestro®

MIM offers a total software package that puts oncology tools in one place to be utilized together. Intelligent software for smarter patient care.
Contour ProtégéAI
Pushes the capabilities of auto-contouring with deep learning algorithms optimized and automated by MIM make contouring more efficient without sacrificing accuracy.
MIM Harmony®
A dedicated solution for peer learning, plan evaluation, and practice improvement.