Axim (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of ultrasound devices covering all clinical fields. Our cutting edge, advanced technology allows for ease of use, quick through put and accurate diagnosis. Our specialized probe configuration allows for very advanced surgical and interventional procedures.

Cart Based


As the preferred compact ultrasound platform for today’s women’s health imaging challenges, SonoScape S12 offers advanced solutions for the needs of every woman, at any stage of their pregnancy or any gynaecologic exam. Loaded with a host of must have, useful functions, and a suit of extended applications, the S12 commits to provide superior endo-vaginal imaging and best-in-class foetal imaging for both 2D and 3D/4D acquisition.


SonoScape S22, is a shared service colour Doppler ultrasound system with a slim and elegant package that has combined mobility with utility to fit in any specific clinical situations including the emergency department, ICU, operating room and so on. Furthermore, its ergonomic design, easy operating and flexible data management will give you a memorable experience.


S30 is a powerful and versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. The sleek console slips easily into tight spaces yet is packed with powerful technology the delivers excellent diagnostic images with quality, speed and precision. With the vision of simplicity and performance, S30 empowers you to easily make the most of the latest technology available.

S50 Elite

Seeing clinician’s key wants and tasks, the S50 Elite redefines the spectrum of patient care in its segment, especially for OB/GYN applications. To create an easy pathway to an exciting ultrasound experience, S50 elite provides a delicate combination of outstanding clinical precision, elevated productivity, and thoughtful workflow. It is our belief and faith to serve clinicians with fast and reliable diagnosis capabilities and the S50 Elite is the answer.


The SonoScape S60 adopts the intelligent Wis+ platform to help ultrasound professionals acquire and interpret ultrasound images more efficiently and precisely. It is a premium system that keeps your practice at the forefront of ultrasound examinations and enables you to provide meticulous care for patients.

P9 Elite

Ergonomic, user friendly and easy mobility, P9 Elite allows for smooth patient throughput. Addressing women’s lifelong health, SonoScape P9 Elite carefully considers clinical demands, providing a user-friendly platform and 3D rendering images that better assist with diagnostic confidence. With the outstanding clear view provided by SonoScape’s advanced imaging technologies and optimized transducers, you can make clinical decisions with greater confidence.


The P10 colour Doppler ultrasound system is designed to provide our clinicians with high quality images, abundant probe selection, various clinical tools, and automatic analysis software. With the help of the P10, a smart and thoughtful experience is created to address the growing demand for different clinical applications.

P11 Elite

Equipped with smart measurement and analysis tools, P11 Elite ensures steady performance and speeds up your daily examination with efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. This is a highly reliable product which is designed with an intuitive user interface to maximize patients’ comfort during well rounded evaluations.

P12 Elite

To fulfil the promise of caring for life through innovation, Sonoscape brings you its upgrading solution, P12 Elite. A high-definition imaging solution powered by cutting edge technologies to provide informative details and boost your diagnostic confidence. With comprehensive features and optimized probe configurations, P12 Elite provides an exceptional capability to manage all aspects of your daily clinical practices that help build trust between doctors and patients.


A feature rich system inheriting the Wi-Sono high-end platform, the P15 uses an array of advanced tools to help enhance the image quality. It is a cost-effective, simplified console with an intuitive user interface and multiple intelligent functions.


Incorporating innovative technologies, the P20’s user friendly design with a simple operation panel, intuitive user interface and a variety of intelligent auxiliary scanning tools, will significantly improve your daily examination experience. Besides general imaging applications, the P20 has superb diagnostic 4D technology which has an extraordinary performance in obstetrics and gynaecology applications.

P20 Elite

Accomplish more easily with SonoScape’s new P20 Elite     ultrasound system. P20 Elite combines single crystal clarity, extended image technology and user defined flexibility for a confident diagnostic experience of women’s healthcare and general imaging applications. The total solution you and your patients need for comfortable examinations in tight spaces.

P25 Elite

The P25 Elite ultrasound system improves convenience, reliability and image performance for a smooth, user-friendly diagnostic experience. Specialized applications include Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Breast and Musculoskeletal. Single crystal transducers greatly improve signal ratio, acquiring superior images and providing greater sensitivity and resolution.

P40 Elite

Evolved architecture sparks profound vision.

Lucid imaging boosted by all round renovation.

Intelligent solution at your fingertips.

Talented features inspire more applications.

Easeful experience with easy reach.

P50 Elite

Versatile capability in multiple fields, makes the P50 ELITE a perfect match for the use in general imaging. More accurate and faster diagnosis is facilitated by the P50 ELITE with advanced imaging tools. The caring for maternal and foetal well-being is underlying the concept of designing the P50 ELITE. Outstanding 3D/4D imaging. Intelligent evaluation. Streamlined workflow. Those are the exact ways that P50 ELITE is transforming OB/GYN examinations.

Visualize anatomy more confidently with enhanced 2D and colour image quality. Accelerate exams with automated expert tools. Gain quantitative results with advanced capabilities for heart function assessment.


P60, configured with SonoScape’s latest prominent Wis+ platform, is designed to provide more insightful and constructive evidence for diagnosis through authentic detail display, easy-but-effective intelligent analysis and streamlined workflow. The adoption of AI on P60 not only simplifies the workflow greatly, but also provides enhanced reproducibility and consistency in measurements.

Portable System


The E1 portable black and white ultrasound unit, is equipped with complete functions to enhance its competitiveness among entry level ultrasound models. It not only provides satisfying image quality, but also brings users a smooth workflow experience.


The E1V Portable ultrasound diagnostic system is a new generation of black and white products from SonoScape. Packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages, the unit caters to a wide variety of animals, ranging from small house pets to large livestock animals. This allows the E1V to accomplish all of your B/W ultrasound needs. Its high contrast image quality and efficient workflow improves the examination experience and enhances the users confidence when scanning.


SonoScape is always looking to improve their products and bring you the medical solutions you need. SonoScape has developed a new probe and function for the E1 EXP. With these additions the E1 EXP will bring users a more efficient examination experience with satisfying image quality and a smooth workflow.


E2 is a colour Doppler ultrasound system that reaches beyond your expectations due to its compact and fashionable appearance. It fulfils Abdominal, OB/GYN, Cardiac and POC applications to fit your routine scanning needs, while its colour mode will help you for more accurate and efficient diagnosis of lesions. E2 provides a wide range of applications to assist users in their routine scanning. E2 provides automatic calculations to enhance your diagnostic confidence and save you time for patient communication.


The E2V Portable ultrasound diagnostic system is a new generation colour Doppler ultrasound system. Packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages, the unit caters to a wide variety of animals, ranging from small house pets to large livestock animals. Incorporating veterinary applications found in high end ultrasound machines, the E2V is able to cover many diagnostic imaging needs in one system with high quality detailed images.
• Professional veterinary measurements and calculations
• Veterinary information management and reporting
• Veterinary user-definable graphic exam modes
• Full library of body marks and annotations


Revolutionizing ultrasound scanning, the hand carried colour Doppler system, X3 is equipped with advanced technology to present you with excellent image quality. Taking into account the various situations you may find yourself in, the X3 is extremely light weight and small with a laptop design, providing you with an experience of extreme mobility and flexibility during any situation. X3 offers a wide range of transducers to fit your every need for clinical applications, and its professional exam modes will bring renewed confidence in your examinations.


SonoScape’s laptop style colour Doppler ultrasound system, the X5, revolutionized the ultrasound market. Thanks to its light weight, small size, and impressive durability, the X5 is designed as the go-to ultrasound in any setting. Packed with crystal clear imaging capabilities and advanced applications, this small laptop system makes it the ideal system for use in any clinical setup or hospital. Ideal for any theatre, emergency room or ICU.


Since releasing their first portable colour Doppler ultrasound system, SonoScape has dedicated themselves to the ultrasound field. Due to this dedication, a great deal of ultrasound technologies, especially on portable systems have emerged. The S9 was released as a powerful and versatile imaging platform with a futuristic design. Compact, yet featuring comprehensive applications for Cardiology, Radiology, Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Small parts and Urology, the S9 provides the best solution for ultrasound imaging through outstanding performance.