Axim’s,  X-ray division offers World class systems. Our complete portfolio includes General x-ray rooms, Fluoroscopy systems, Digital flat panels, and Laser film printers. We are committed to providing a complete, cost effective and advanced diagnostic solution.

Bucky Rooms

Axim offers a wide range of bucky room solutions from high end ceiling mounted units to entry level floor mount. All the systems are available in digital or analogue units.

Compact Bucky Rooms

These compact radiography system integrates ease-of-use features from top-class systems in a simple manner for easy installation. Furthermore, with its high image quality due to the large output power and simple operability, these radiography systems provides a sense of ease and comfort operation for users.

Floor Standing Bucky rooms

These general radiographic system for compact floor-ceiling / wall mounted tube supports are designed to deliver high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system.

Ceiling Mounted Bucky rooms

High end state-of-the-art automatic general radiographic system is based on the extensive experience and expertise that minimizes X-ray dose and improves examination workflow. These systems utilizes the latest technologies that are gentler to humans and provide a more comfortable examination environment for both the patient and the operator.


DRYVIEW Laser Imager Printer

Carestream’s complete line of DRYVIEW Laser Imagers delivers exceptional diagnostic image quality. Our innovative dry imaging technology uses laser light rather than heat to expose each pixel, which ensures more consistent ¬film quality and minimizes service requirements. Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) technology automatically calibrates ¬film and imager settings to meet specific user preferences.


As competition in the DR imaging market is getting furious, the market is overflowing with similar detectors in terms of specifications and prices. To meet your high expectations, Axim has refreshed its DR detector line-up to provide a solution that fits you perfectly.


Stepping up from Film to CR is a great way to speed up your work flow, increase productivity and support a higher standard of care. But if you’re a smaller facility, the cost of upgrading can be a real barrier,  but no longer. Our budget-friendly CARESTREAM CR Systems will let you tap into the full power of CR, easily and affordably.


Screening Tables

AXIM (pty) Ltd offers a multi-functional universal systems that are useful in a variety of examinations and examination environments, providing ease of operation and accommodating patient’s comfort. Best-in-class, super fine resolution FPD and  state-of-the-art digital Image processing technology ensures the highest image quality


Image intensifier and FPD based systems that incorporates functions to maintain high image quality and reduce X-ray exposure, even during long surgical procedures, such as Pulsed fluoroscopy, Multi Beam Hardening(MBH) filters, and Virtual Collimation. Furthermore, the area dose value is calculated and always displayed in real time.


MobileDaRt Evolution

The award winning MobileDaRt Evolution is further refined into the MX8 Version featuring the collapsible column to broaden the mobile’s solutions.

  • Responsive and maneuverable Mobility.
  • Two second image verification offering Immediacy.
  • A large viewing monitor for enhanced Functionality

QA Test Equipment

Piranha Meter

The RTI Piranha meter identifies any probe you connect and selects the optimum settings for your QA measurements. The number of Piranha models available ensures that you only pay for what you need, Multi, R/F, CT, Mammo or Dental. As your needs grow, you have unlimited ability to upgrade your Piranha meter – one for all!

Piranha comes ready to use and includes RTI’s powerful Ocean Next™ software for X-ray QA testing and reporting.

Cobia Meter

The RTI Cobia meter is an easy-to-use product platform for quick and efficient QA measurements. There are several versions of the RTI Cobia meter for measuring a variety of Rad/Fluoro, CT, and Dental parameters. Select the model that suits your needs, and only pay for what you need to measure!

All Cobias are fully compliant with RTI’s ­industry-leading Ocean Next™ software for X-ray QA testing and reporting.

Ocean Next™ Software

With Ocean Next software you receive all QA data – including waveforms – directly from your RTI meter or probe. You can perform anything from simple measurements to advanced analyses of X-ray equipment performance, save and retrieve your measurement values, and generate reports for documentation and traceability.

Ocean Next software is compliant with RTI’s Piranha and Cobia meters as well as the RTI Scatter Probe.

Scatter Probe

The RTI Scatter Probe is a revolutionary ­solid-state detector for leakage and scatter detection in X-ray environments.

Its unique design – two separate detector areas of 10 cm² and 100 cm² – fulfills current regulations and standards for X-ray leakage and scatter measurements. Stand on a table, use by hand, or mount on the included tripod, the RTI Scatter Probe is quick, simple, and easy to position.

The Scatter Probe connects to RTI’s world-leading Ocean Next™ ­software for measurement reading and reporting.

Probes & Accessories

Get more from your Piranha or Cobia X-ray Quality Assurance system with RTI’s comprehensive range of easy-to-use probes and accessories. Everything you need from robust cases and stands to probes and adapters.


Axim offers a wide range Veterinary solutions from hand held units to dedicated CR and DR units with veterinary software packages.

Flat Panel Detectors

Smart 14×17-inch wireless, cassette-sized FPD for veterinary imaging. It features reliable AED, dependable wireless performance, and a long battery life. Supports a fast work flow, and is the optimal choice for both retrofit and new DR system solutions with dedicated veterinary software.

Hand Held Units

  • Most compact size and lightest weight
  • High resolution imaging at lower dosages
  • Durable design with solid body
  • Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays
  • Available with Inverted control panel for table use