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Fuji Medical X-Ray Films

Fuji Medical X-Ray Films

Fuji Medical X-Ray Films

Fuji Green (Super HR-U)

Super HR-U is a high contrast green sensitive film for use with green-emitting rare earth screens. The New all-around Film for general applications.

Fuji Blue (Super RX)

Super RX is a high contrast film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and provides enhanced contrast and excellent radiographic detail.

HR-U-30 Green sensitive Film; HRL Latitude Film; MI-NH Single Emulsion Imaging Film; Mammography System comprising:

Fuji UM-MA film is a high speed, high contrast, single emulsion, orthochromatic film for mammography.

Power injectors that empower you to run your MR and CT suites with maximum efficiency.
A power injector system with multiple enhancements for maximum benefit: the EmpowerCTA® Contrast Injection System.

​EmpowerMR® Contrast Injection System. World's first hydraulic-powered MR injector eliminates batteries and associated issues.